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Dinosaur Mounts | Redvale by JPkeeper22 Dinosaur Mounts | Redvale :iconjpkeeper22:JPkeeper22 14 8 Citizens of Redvale by JPkeeper22 Citizens of Redvale :iconjpkeeper22:JPkeeper22 6 5 An Uneasy Rendezvouz by JPkeeper22 An Uneasy Rendezvouz :iconjpkeeper22:JPkeeper22 6 25
One Sunday Afternoon | Citizen Part ll
"Wait Stal! I'll come with you!"
Fjord skittered down the steps after me, with her parasol aloft and her dress gracefully hitched above ground level.
I sighed and waiting for her. "I'm only taking some of Mums herbs and Magda to Mya. You can't miss anything can you? You're frightened of missing anything, Fjord Pendragon." Magda bellowed from behind in agreement.
"Shut up you two!" She replied. "And slow down! I can't walk as fast as you!" We got to the end of the path and she stopped dead.
"Fjord, what's wrong?"
"This parasol is too formal not to mention expensive. I might go back and change it."
"Well be quick then." And so off she went again, skittering off down the drive.
She returned after what felt like a millennium with no parasol at all and a different hairstyle so I decided not to ask and just get the task in hand completed.
After a short walk to the end of the path, Fjord piped up yet again. "So what are we doing again?"
"Growing barley Fjord? What does it look like?"
"I was o
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Pangearas sketches by JPkeeper22 Pangearas sketches :iconjpkeeper22:JPkeeper22 8 7 Sketch Dump #1 by JPkeeper22 Sketch Dump #1 :iconjpkeeper22:JPkeeper22 3 5 'Stal, Look!' by JPkeeper22 'Stal, Look!' :iconjpkeeper22:JPkeeper22 3 6 Drago Pendragon and Cleo by JPkeeper22 Drago Pendragon and Cleo :iconjpkeeper22:JPkeeper22 3 6 100th Deviation | Character Practice by JPkeeper22 100th Deviation | Character Practice :iconjpkeeper22:JPkeeper22 4 6 Pangearas Christmas 2014 | Secret Santa by JPkeeper22 Pangearas Christmas 2014 | Secret Santa :iconjpkeeper22:JPkeeper22 4 15 More Tributes Sketches by JPkeeper22 More Tributes Sketches :iconjpkeeper22:JPkeeper22 3 0 Art Trade | Amber Lift and Thera by JPkeeper22 Art Trade | Amber Lift and Thera :iconjpkeeper22:JPkeeper22 3 22
Sentiments | Citizen : Part l
"Happy Birthday Stalingraaaaaad!"
I shot up, sitting vertically with groggy eyes and a still partially asleep body. Wrapped in bed sheets and clutching a pillow, I waited for my eye sight to focus in the glare of the sun.
Scratching my coarse hair roughly, I had honestly no idea what was going on. It took a early morning stint on the veranda to wake me up properly.
The bobbing blonde blur in front of me, skipped around the room in the pale morning light. The curtains flung open, shedding a blinding light into the room as yet another figure entered. Not another one.
Go away. I was sleeping.
But apparently not any more.
I rubbed my eyes to address the trespassers into the threshold of my room. It was Fjord and Mum. But where was Dad?
I smiled receptively as Fjord leaped onto my bed, springing me up and down in a wave like motion.
My mother then set herself down at the foot of my bed and gave me a beaming smile. I returned one and before I could sense what was wrong about her, Fjord squea
:iconjpkeeper22:JPkeeper22 2 16
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My work - Organised by the files of my different projects!


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Don't be alarmed
I'm cleaning up Pangearas while it's closed, so I have removed all members. If you see you were removed, please don't assume it's anything personal, because it's not.
Also, I'm not abandoning this group or my world. No, I spent way too much time and energy and love on Pangearas to ever let it go. I simply need to change some things before I feel like opening it again. I have an end-goal for Pangearas, and it's not quite there yet. But it will be someday.
Also, to all pushy, rude, and inconsiderate people, this group was not made to serve you and cater to your every will. You have to realize it's all work for me, which I'm glad to do - but only if you treat me and your fellow members with respect. I have dealt with abuse too long; when I open the group again, the rules for entry will be stricter - possibly only people I know from before, and/or who clearly have respect and passion for art, stories, etc.
I will not be bullied into doing anything for anyone; this is my turf.
To all my pre
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Diplodocidae 1 by cisiopurple Diplodocidae 1 :iconcisiopurple:cisiopurple 33 6 Mediterranean Dwarf Elephants (with the PDF link!) by Jagroar Mediterranean Dwarf Elephants (with the PDF link!) :iconjagroar:Jagroar 93 34




Hello to all once again!

As some may know over the past few weeks, I have been revisiting my Jurassic Park Project and I've been delighted by some of my findings. I never realised how much detail I had thrust into it with pages and pages of sketches and plans and list and diagrams and all manner of nick-nacks! I also have been horrified by one major atrocity that simply cannot be forgotten.

But it happened that I did. I remembered late last night that I had written a story back in 2012 or 2013 so I would have been about 13 or 14 years old on the popular story sharing website, Wattpad. It then took me a millennium to remember my password, which was ridiculously trivial and something 13 yer old me would have thought was absolutely side splittingly hilarious!

*eye roll, deep sigh* So there's several things I've learnt from reading this story:

Number one, I simply could not write. Despite being top in my class for creative writing at the time, I have never read anything so atrociously written in my life. If it were a book, I would burn it. If it were an animal, I would put it out of its misery, its that bad! A common technique most story writers use is the show not tell method, where the writer discreetly drops hints as to the setting/topic/character etc. so that the reader can create some vision of the 'thing' and try and work it out themselves and add their own creative twist to it. OH NO! 2013/13 Jamie decided to use the 'BLURT OUT EVERY DETAIL ABOUT THE CHARACTER UPON MEETING THEM' method, which sadly *deep sarcasm* doesn't have the same effect!

Secondly, its practically the place where continuity errors come to die. A character can be doing something utterly mind numbing such as one case, where a character spends about half a chapter brushing her hair until I come back to mentioning her! I also really tend to develop horrendously two dimensional characters not mentioning their thoughts and feelings at all, only literally writing down their actions step by step. One character makes a coffee and I write out EACH INDIVIDUAL STEP OF HOW SHE MAKES IT. AND YES THIS IS ALL IN A DINOSAUR ZOO/SAFARI PARK/RESORT (whatever Jurassic Park comes under, idk for sure!). Another even says how boring it is to work there. IF I WORKED AT A DINOSAUR ZOO/SAFARI PARK/RESORT, I WOULD BE THE HAPPIEST PERSON ON EARTH. I WOULD TURN INTO ONE OF THOSE ALWAYS HAPPY DISNEY EMPLOYEE PEOPLE TELL YOU ABOUT, NOT MOPING AROUND!

And breath. 

I must state now that I would never say of this to anyone else! As the great writer, Neil Gaiman once said you are your own worst critic and the only way that you can improve your writing, is by rereading after a long time away, stepping back and looking at the bigger picture and reading aloud!

To conclude, is going to be a much bigger job than I thought, not just a few sentence changes and rejiggery. Oh hella no! We're talking rewriting whole chapters (which were surprisingly short at the start?) to make them actually up to my now standard of writing. I'm going to actually give characters thoughts and feelings! Plus, being as I've lost my 'master plan' of the story, I have no clue where I'm going with it!

Heres the story if anyone is desparate to read it! It will be like this for a limited time while serious reconstructive work is done!…

Pangearas friends, do not fret! I have been working on some more pieces! Final touches are in the works as well as one I've started today which I love to bits! Expect an upload sometime this week.

Thanks all and do not fret in asking me anything about my questions and well as thoughts and critiques!

JP Out!
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Hello Deviants!
JPkeeper22's the name. I love to draw dinosaurs, animals and most of my work will be from my Jurassic Park Project or illustrations for my fan fictions. I hope that you all like them!

Feel free to comment and reply as I love to talk and adore replies. Message soon friends!

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